Setup Instructions


Please follow the below instructions to setup your dogs’ new WooFTunes system. The amplifier has a built-in MP3 player that plays the music contained on the supplied SD memory card. No additional players are required!

Packing List:

Lepai Amplifier/MP3 player
SD Memory Card with WooFTunes Music
12V power brick with AC Power cord
Two speakers in box
Quantity 2- 16ft speaker wires


Unpack all items and compare to packing list above.
If you plan to mount your speakers on the wall, follow instructions supplied with speakers. Otherwise place speakers on a table or shelf with-in 15ft of your intended location for the amplifier.
Plug power brick into back of Lepai amplifier. There is only one socket that fits.
On the back of each speaker, press RED tab to open connector and insert speaker wire with RED stripe, repeat for the black tab with the other wire.
With other end of speaker wire, on the amplifier, insert red wire into RED left or right speaker connector, and other wire into black connector next to it. Repeat for other speaker wire.
Remove the SD Memory card from black and clear packaging. Insert the card into the top left slot on the amplifier, with label facing up, until it stops.
Turn on amplifier by turning right knob until lights come on. Adjust volume with same knob.
Press the play button.
If music does not start, look at red display screen and press the mode button until you see “MP3” appear in small print to the very right. Then press “Play”