‘You Raise Me Up’ Singer Josh Groban’s Doggo Passes Away – Musicians Says He Is Heartbroken

A senior dog at a dog park

“You Raise Me Up” singer Josh Groban just revealed that his doggo crossed the rainbow bridge. He said in a statement that he is “deeply heartbroken.”

– Josh Groban’s dog died.
– His dog has been with him for 16 years.
– The singer released a tribute post stating…

In a tribute post by Groban, he shared that his doggo of 16 years, named Sweeney, passed away earlier this week. He revealed that he met Sweeney on March 13, 2004 and that was the “beginning of what would become one of the greatest soul connections of my life.” He continued to say that the bond with a fur baby is unlike anything else because they are family.

Groban said that he will be heartbroken for some time but “the grief of loss is the price we pay for the gift of love.” He said that grieving over Sweeney would be worth every tear. In honor of Sweeney, he asked people to donate to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or local shelters.


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