This Yorkie Knows How To Twerk To This Loud Music And It’s Hilarious!

A Yorkie in bed

Dogs dance all the time and it’s a happy scene to see. This dog, however, took it up a notch because the doggo decided to twerk when its human’s friend twerked as well.

– A dog was at a sleepover.
– The friend of the dog’s human decided to twerk.
– The dog then started twerking and it was all caught on camera.

The dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, was videoed by its owner and it was uploaded online. It could be heard in the background that loud music was playing and the doggo was really on point. Accordingly, the dog and the dog owners were attending a birthday sleepover. One of the friends at the sleepover started twerking when music played and the dog also went on the floor and twerked.

The video was reportedly filmed at around 2:15 in the morning. The dog continued to look at the friend who was twerking to perfectly mimic her and the video has since been shared and liked a lot of times.


To see the video, read the fun article by Charlie Bayliss here –

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