WooFPop Alternative Part 4


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Captain WooFDriver Alternative

Every night you will find us tired hounds
Tired from running with the horses around
And all the roaming we did on the farm grounds

For Many miles


So we go to the river for a quiet scene
And we stare at the water and its tranquil means
It’s like some nature crafted poetry

And we drool!!

WooFDriver will take us pups to flight
And makes sure yeah we keep on smiling
WooFDriver will take us to ride tonight
Just to get to mush to get some miles in


Oh yeah,…

Yes Mister we go out and, hang with our mates
We just run, roam and we celebrate
We’re known to bring love and share our happy state
To All

So we run to the borders until WooFDriver says whoa!!
And than we get so many miles in that’s how it goes
Ah still our energy lingers that’s how it flows

You Know

Sometimes we ride a long way to do our play

We load our tape deck with WooFTunes and howl all the way
Ah there’s (so) many places to go everyday

To Roll

So we’ve got everything and oh, life is so cool
We love to run and play around the swimming pool
Of course with the manners we learned in puppy school

Us Pups Rule

So we run the trails until it gets too hot
And than we soak in (some) water and drink a lot
Oh we are so thankful for everything we have got

We so belong

And WooFDriver has a plan but that’s known without being said!
You know he always runs wild with a level head
Well we unite as one my brothers that’s how we’re lead

And that’s our song!!

Canine Run And Fun Alternative

Let’s go run our canines for some real fun
When they feel their freedom you will see their love
They so have an endless fire that last and last
You hold the key to give them what they can’t ask
Let them reach their passion get rolling real soon
Oh the WooFDiver ride’em to the moon

Reach their sweet spot when their paws hit the dirt yeah
I know any dogs sees this like I see
Follow them or ride them rolling is key
WooF say

That’s how to get them, panting like a dog
You know they will follow loving to run
Oh The WooFDriver barking at the sun
Just what they’ve been needin’, see the drool on them
WooF Say

Every dog needs freedom, So let’s lead’em,
always WooFDriver, just to sizzle some
when they get to nibble got to give them fun

You can hear them howling, going real soon
Oh The WooFDriver take’em to the moon

You can take your dogs there,
You can give them these dreams

It’s the action that fulfills their needs

Do It, Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it

Show us how WooFDriver, seed it in our hearts

Every dog has this story, this is glory!!

A Wet Moonlight Journey Alternative

It was a chilly rainy night as WooFDriver set out to take flight. His adventurous side was calling on him for this incredible ride!! Choosing to drive this weather without wind or forecast danger, he felt safe To venture out in search of a route of not a destination but a journey of appreciation and cooperation forged together, reaching new heights that will last forever!!

He harnessed the WooFPAK up which included Czar, Hudson, and the Princess pup!! The clouds melted in to the darkness of night as this dog driven ride took flight with not another soul in sight!!

This was about enjoying the solitude of this adventurous mood. Finding Comfort with the dogs and depending on each other for the haul.

A controlled sense of survival which had him looking forward to his arrival!! He was absorbing the wisdom of this outing even as the wet kept mounting.

As the trail traveled on and the further distance he had gone, his senses were keen and the steady rain sounded like a dream!! How fitting this seemed a tail of a designed tougher time but refined enough To constantly remind him of the passion that he never rations just finds a way to explore it everyday!!

This experience has eternal presence in WooFDriver’s mind that always let’s him reflect back on that incredible time!! Where some are discouraged to engage a challenge, WooFDriver is encouraged, In his quest for balance!! He has sought lessons that are taught through nature but avoiding danger just calculated measures that can help define his life’s treasures!!

Wildman On The Trails Alternative

We can run very well
We like to roll on the scene no holding back
And we can so feel it just gel
There’s a bloke and he knows us very well
He awoke these dreams in us so long ago
Take my word he’s the WooFDriver (don’t) you know

Once you roll its in your heart and you way
You just go and know it’s your part to play
Its in our dream of what we need to do everyday
Its the plan and everything WooFDriver would say
Get on board with him, that’s how he trains!!
You should savor what he wrote here it’s his game!!

We’ll run again almost every afternoon
We give our all as we howl at the moon
But it’s our heart that WooFDivers after
Another stint from the WildMan of fun and laughter

And you know him so very well
There’s the WooFDriver on the scene with the Pak
And you know him so very well
He’s the bloke and hopes you hear what he tells
He’s one of those that just takes the dogs and just goes
Take my word he’s a WildMan don’t you know

The hounds go along way round but want more
He’s the right man in fact hear the words we stated
So get on track and then you will find how to lap and spin

We’ll run again almost every afternoon
We give our all as we howl at the moon
But it’s our heart that WooFDivers after
Another stint from the WildMan of fun and laughter!!

Do It Dog Alternative

This is how we do it dog!! We ride a sleigh on the snowy days. We pull and mush and work our tush!! We call it FurWheeling and oh what a feeling!!

Do it dog, mush the snow, feel the rush, do it dog, let it flow!!

When the snow melts away we still can ride all day because WooFDriver has found another way. Oh, do it dog!! Oh yeah, We run the trails and cross the streams as we chase him on the ATV. We call it Extreme and oh yeah that’s what we mean!!

Do it dog, chase that ATV, do it dog race it like it’s a dream!!

Now WooFDriver can raise it up some more with another style chase that we just adore!! Let’s do it dog!! It’s called Mazing Chase and puts that smile on our face. We just chase the lure and run galore!!

Do it dog, running and Mazing WooFDriver keep us phasing. So yeah, we do it dog as it makes us strong and we continue to play it on!!

MUSHing The Dogs Alternative

Ride the rigs Utah Trikes built me, they have them all bossed
Ride the way the dogs take me, so we will never get lost
The dogs will lead us everywhere!!
I’m mushing the dogs on a WooFDriver Tour Route
Cant wait until you feel this it’s such a hoot!!
Time to take this ride of drive and love
This dream and all of you
I hope could do this like you should
Ride this life that so beholds me, no matter what the cost
Ride this dream that the dogs told me, and I will not get lost
The dogs will lead me everywhere!!
I’m mushing The WooFPak hounds all along the trails
We always know the way just find the old rails
And when We get to fly you know that’s their favorite time!!
You know they’d rather run than ride that’s their find so they will roll all
the time yeah its always right to fly and love
I’m mushing the dogs on a WooFDriver Tour Route
Cant wait until you feel this it’s such a hoot!!
Time to take this ride of drive and love
You know they’d rather run than ride that’s their find so they will roll all the time
Yeah  its always right to fly and love
Yeah  its always right to fly and love

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