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The “WooFPlay” Band actually performing these songs are a professional group of musicians featured on familiar record labels and popular music. We have an array of guest stars that also make cameos and appearances on some of our tunes as well!! It’s no coincidence if you recognize a voice or identify with one of our players particular styles. These musicians are extremely talented and powerful as you will hear on our large collection of music and possibly performing one of your songs about your dog or dog related experience!!

In this section you can find out all about The WooFPlay Band and the people behind this wonderful project!!


WooFPlay Band Originals & Parodies

1960s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

1970s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

1980s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

1990s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

2000s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

2010s “ReVisited” WooFHouse Cafe Collection

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