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I believe, I am the first and only at this time to have Guided Dog Meditations. A Guided Meditation for us humans is when someone well versed in Mediation will talk and guide you through a Meditative Experience so maybe you can learn to do it on your own as well as to provide another way to experience Meditation. Guided Meditations are a wonderful way to really focus your breathing and empty your mind to make it available for so many other finds. I have collaborated my expertise with professional Meditation and Spiritual Practitioners to assemble Guided Meditations for Dogs!! These are truly remarkable providing a soothing  and relaxing  experience. Though all the words along theses Guided Dog  Meditations may not be fully understood by the Dog, the vocal tones of the Guides and the tranquil sounds of the nature and/or music that accompany them with create a comforting time that can promote healing, rest, and security. You can find out more on my AllDogZen Website by clicking here.



Written By: WooFDriver

Panting your breath in and out feeling it circulate through your paws and tail as it is re-energizing you for more fetch play tomorrow. Get that ball, chase it down, run round and round. As your energies flow your paws will row and your excitement grows. Catch it or fetch it it’s how you let it go and then you will bring your body and mind tamed and satisfied back to home! Let the tones of these words and the tranquillity of this music you’ve heard soothe your mind and let you rest it up for tomorrow’s fun finds!!


Feel The Love

Feel The Love:
Written By: WooFDriver

Have a drooling smile and close your eyes with the warm thoughts of Love from your head to your tail and fitting your paws like a glove. Your family loves you so and wants you to know how they cherish the joy you bring them daily and nightly because anytime they share with you is oh so rightly! The bright light in your eyes is the sun in the skies and when your eyes are resting and closed the inner reflection bestows rainbow hues that a special few are so blessed to share with you.


Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/


Inhale the air around your body, lively, through your nose as you feel it fill your full belly. Exhale the unwanted air and toxins as you open your mouth and feel the breath leave your throat and wet tongue. As you stand on the grass, breathing, feel the earths pulse through your paws, and draw it up your legs, into your tail and body. Allow it to stimulate all regions of your muscles. Feel your tail twitch with every breath in, and make eye contact with your owner. Watch your owner as they let go of the ball. Use the earths pulse to power your feet, and lift them towards the sun, as the ball leaves their hand. As you pant in and out, feel the wind rush past your body, as you chase the ball. As the ball falls towards the earth, open your mouth, and pounce into the air, feeling free and in control, as you catch the ball. When your paws land on the earth again, rejoice in the triumph and accomplishment. Feel your nerves fill with energy, and return the ball back to your owner.

Allow your mind to replenish your body and prepare you for the next throw, feel the cold grass against your paws, and breathe in the earth once again, as you sit. As you sit, feel peace, know you are fast and prepared, and feel the energy and relationship between you and your owner.

Dog Play Date

Dog Play Date:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

You are about to meet up with some other dogs. It is important to remember to stay calm, have fun and get along with everyone. Sit down on the floor, and slowly start to prepare yourself to socialize. Breathe in through your nostrils, feel the cold air coat your throat, and fill your belly, full. As you sit and breathe, calmly picture the friendly dogs you expect to see at your play date. Picture the atmosphere of the room, the colors, shapes and lights. Breathe in…Breath out. Breath in…Breath out. One more time. Breath in…Breath out. Stay mindful of the speed and depth of your breath, as we continue. Let the oxygen molecules flood your brain and body, putting you in a calm and controlled state. As you picture your friends, be aware of the anticipation and excitement that grows in your belly. Breathe in again, and feel the excitement disperse through your paws as you remember to stay happy, but calm. As you sit here on the floor, imagine yourself running. Imagine your paws pushing off from the floor beneath you, and bounding. Imagine the sweat and exhaustion you will feel after you are done. Breathe in.

Feel the oxygen fill every muscle in your heart, then exhale, breathing out all toxic feelings and pent up frustrations. Prepare your heart and mind to be full of love. Breathe in, knowing you are happy. Breathe out, letting go of fear. Breathe in and know every dog loves you, just as you love them. Breathe out, letting go of all your anxieties. Allow yourself to remain sitting, breathing slowly, as you come back to the here and now…You are now ready to enjoy your play date.

Enjoy The Outside

Enjoy The Outside:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

You are outside, sitting on your hind legs, listening to the world around you. Breathe in the oxygen that floats around your body and feel the wind rush through your fur and skin. Slowly breathe in once more, feel it travel down your throat and into your belly, hold it. Exhale the pent up air inside of your body, slowly. Feel all your anticipations, stress and anxieties dissipate with every exhale. Sit with your head outstretched towards the sky, and breathe in once more. Feel the cold air travel through you and fill you with peace. As you exhale, imagine all the negative energies leave your body. Focus your mind on your body. Feel mother earth’s gentle light wisp around the tip of your tail. As your tail twitches, feel her light slowly climb your tail. As you breathe in, imagine the light move up your body further.

From your paws, up your legs and into your belly. Feel the peace inside of your chest, swell. With one more breath in, feel the light travel up your neck and wrap around your head. Sit and feel the tingles she provides, you are now connected with the universe. As you sit, connected to earth, and her gentle compassion begin to think of the positive things in your life. As you breathe in, let the universe’s energy flow through your head and slowly down to your tail. Allow your mind to wander. Listen to the waves of energy she is providing you. Breathe in her compassion. Exhale hatred. Breathe in love. Exhale anxiety. Breathe in strength. Exhale weakness. As you exhale all the weakness, feel your body grow with strength. Observe the sensation of her light, grow faint. Sit until you feel comfortable moving.

10 DOG Steps to Harmony

A Beautiful Walk:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

Cleansing your body of negative, pent up, and sitting energy will revive your body, and replenish your health and vitality as a dog. Before we begin this journey to replenishing your vitality, I would like you to know that every being of life feels the effects of negative energy, and you are not alone.

Lay down, comfortably, on the soft, green, grass outside. Feel the warm suns energy rays fill your body as your fur absorbs the heat, allowing your body to feel relaxed and at peace. Listen to my voice, trust my sound, as you fall into a deep state of relaxation. Breathe in through your wet nose, and feel the cool air trickle down your throat, filling your lungs with fresh, healthy, air. Then exhale, feeling all the old molecules escape your body, leaving you feeling stronger, as they are recycled back into the atmosphere. As I count up to ten, imagine your body becoming stiller and stiller as you slip into a state of relaxation.
One…Feel you paws fill with awareness and peace.
Two…Feel the peace travel slowly up your ankles, wrapping itself around your legs.
Three…Feel the energy pull relaxation into all of the cells in your legs.
Four…Feel the peace spill into your hips as it wraps around your lower stomach.
Five…Feel the sensation travel up and through your inner organs.
Six…As you breathe in once more, feel the relaxation penetrate your heart, and spill out into every blood vessel of your body.
Seven…Focus on the path of travel as it creates a numbing feeling in your shoulders and front paws.
Eight…Feel your front side dampen with the peaceful tingle, and allow yourself to dive further into relaxation.
Nine…Feel the relaxation rush into your mind and fill your face, relaxing every muscle.
Ten…Sit still, and feel the active energy wave start in your paws and travel through your body…your heart…and your face…then feel it slowly travel down to your paws, filling you with the deepest peace of mind.
Listen to my voice, and imagine your health growing and bursting with each affirmation I repeat to you.
Imagine yourself running. You feel no physical exhaustion, just the peace and exhilaration of the wind swirling around your fur. As you run, feel the suns heat fill you with positive knowledge. Allow the sun to repair any feeling of sadness and doubt in your mind.
You are strong, healthy and happy.
As you run along the peaceful street, notice a body of water start to form around you. Feel the ground turn into soft, glowing sand. Don’t stop running, feel the air grow cooler as you pump your legs harder and harder towards the body of water. Feel the sand dampen with every stride closer…then…feel the cool water splash up around your energetic body. Become still, and drink plenty of water, hydrating your cells, filling your body with vitality and health.
You are energized and passionate about all aspects of your life.
As you splash around in the water and splendid sunshine, you hear a whistle in the distance. Your body becomes still and concentrated as you trace it through the summer breeze. In a matter of moments you run of in the direction of the whistle, excited to see your owner. As you run back into the familiar neighborhood, you find your owner sitting on the porch waiting for you.
You are obedient, well-behaved and loved, every day.
As I count up to five, imagine yourself running closer to your owner, returning back to the world around you.
One…You paws feel light against the pavement.
Two…You feel energized and full of vibrant life as you see the fence come into view.
Three…You feel the excitement of seeing your owner fill your muscles and mind as he grows closer and closer.
Four…You run through the gate, and up the porch stairs feeling a sense of belonging with each stride you take.
Five…You feel the touch of your owners hands against your soft fur, and open your eyes, feeling revived and replenished in every sense

Meeting A New Friend

Dog Meditation Meeting A New Friend :
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

Your owner has a surprise for you and he leads you outside, and tells you to sit.
Breathe in. And clearly observe your rushing thoughts. Breathe in. Let your thoughts wander, and change when they desire to. Breathe in through your wet nose. You are patiently sitting in the yard, waiting. Feel the earth beneath you vibrate with energy. Breathe it in. Feel the energy fill your paws, lifting your spirits, spreading through your canine body, calming every aspect of your body. Feel the energy of the world fill your excited body.

Breathe in stillness, exhale impatience.
Feel the summer sun radiate on your fur. Sit still and listen. Sit still and breathe. As the moments go by, listen to the world around you. Stay calm, and breathe in. Feel the earth’s energy inside of you. Listen to the rush of the cool wind…Listen to the wind rustle through the trees…Listen to the humming of the birds…Listen to the unique sounds nature is producing. Breathe in, feel the happiness fill your calm body. Sit. And feel the moment, staying consciously aware of the calming sounds around you.
You hear the door slide open. And a new scent fills your nostrils. Slowly breathe it in. Feel your tail twitch with excitement. Breathe in, calming your nerves. The scent that fills your nose smells like a new dog, a new friend. You sit, patiently panting quietly, as your owner slowly walks the new dog over to you.

Breathe in. As a dog, it is important for you to feel calm when meeting new friends. Breathe in friendliness, exhale any negative feelings. It is important for you to be open and happy when around new dogs. Breathe in love. Love for yourself, your owner, this new friend, and all things Mother Nature provides. Exhale any anger and fear.
Breathe in, as the dog approaches you. Exhale as he sniffs around you. Stay calm and respect his curiosity.
He stops.
Breathe in and reach out playfully towards the dog. Exhale all worry, and know that your new friend wants to play.
Breathe in once more, fill the excitement of this surprise fill your lungs.
Then, dash off, in excitement and happiness, playing with your new friend.

Down To The Doggy Playground

Down To The Doggy Playground:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

You are on a leash, and just got done walking around. Your owner begins stroking your head, and petting you. As you obey your owner, you look out in front of you, and inside a large metal fence, are other dogs, running around, playing. You feel the excitement build from your paws and slowly, Mother Nature’s energy begins to make its way up to your legs. Then you feel your tail twitch, back and forth as the excitement continues, wrapping its way up your legs, and through your hips. You begin to pant as your owner stops petting you, and they unhook your leash.
Stay sitting, and breathe in the rest of the warm, summer breeze, waiting for your owner’s word.
Your tail and panting gets faster and faster, as your owner walks to the fence and opens it for you. You look at your owner, for a split second, then you breathe in.
You breathe in, and as you do, your paws fill with lighter energy, and you take off. As you pant and slowly breathe in the air around you, the energy powers your stride, and you run straight through the gate, and into the field of green grass.

You feel the soft grass envelope your fur, and the breeze wrap around your body, as you look around, for someone to play with. You see an average sized dog, begin to walk towards you, sniffing the air, wanting to make friends. You bow your head, slowly, letting him grow nearer and nearer.
You begin to circle one another, breathing in one another’s energies, and then the dog stops, looks up at you…panting, he takes off, in a blurred dash. The excitement of your new friend fuels your energy, and you chase after him, pouncing and playing in the grass and dirt that surrounds you. After a few moments pass, you run back to your owner, rolling around in the dirt around them.
You watch them set out a bowl of water by you, and you walk over, putting your head down, panting, to take a drink. You feel the cool water hit your tongue, and splash down your throat. The cool water taste nice inside of your body, and begins to cool your hot fur down, and calm your mind.

As you drink the last drop of water, you look up, and your friend is waiting, with a yellow looking disk in his mouth. You look up at your owner, twitching your tail as he rubs you between your ears. You dash off, towards your new friend, feeling the wind shape around you, and your owner follows.
You and your friend, sit in the tall grass, as your owner picks up the disc. You both begin to pant. You watch the disc cut through the air, as you both begin to dash off in the direction of it, racing towards it. As you two get closer, another dog, jumps in, catching the disc between its mouth, wanting to play.
You breathe in the warm air around you, as you and the other dog’s line up again, waiting for the disc to fly through the air.
As you sit there waiting, you feel energy pulse through your paws, and into your heart. The energy livens your muscles up, and you feel a tingling sensation of bliss fill your lungs, and surrounding organs, with every breath in.

The Groomer

The Groomer:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

Breathe in, listening to your human companion’s calm voice and reassuring words. Feel their hands gently pet your fur, calming every nerve and cell in your body. Breathe in once more, filling your lungs with clean air, and your mind with courage and faith. As you breathe out, release all inner forms of anxiety and fear that are built up inside of your cells. Know you are loved.
Breathe in, feel the love your human companion has for you, as their touch provides you peace. Breathe out, exhaling all negative energy which resides inside of you, letting go of your mistrust and concern.
Close your eyes, and feel. Feel your human companion’s warm hands against your fur. Feel the energy transfer between you two. Breathe in the energy slowly, feeling it prepare you for your appointment, lessening your anxiety, filling you with peace and protection.

As you sit, remain still and calm. Imagine the events of your appointment; the bath, the hair dryer, the clippers, and the groomer. Breathe in, know that your human companion trusts the groomer. Know that you can trust the groomer, as well. Breathe in once more, and hear the receptive notions in the affirmations I will repeat to you, let them fill you with peace of mind. “I am courageous.” “I trust in my human companion, knowing I am in safe hands, and am in no harm’s way.” (slowly say these twice.)
Imagine being groomed once more. Breathe in, feeling the warm, clean, water fall against your fur. Feel the reactions your body makes to the water, feel peace as the gentle hands of the groomer bathe you. Breathe out.
Breathe in, as you imagine the warm hair-dryer blow your soft, clean, fur around, drying it. Exhale, knowing you are safe, clean, and that it will not harm you.

Breathe in, as you fell the gentle hands of the groomer against your paws. Exhale your anxieties at the groomers touch, know you are in excellent care. “I am safe.” (repeat twice) Breathe in as the groomer begins to clip your nails, exhale your fear. Picture yourself staying calm, and happy.
As you breathe in once more, picture the groomer praising you for a job well done. Know that you are loved and cared for by all you encounter.


Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/

Focus your attention on your body. Feel all of earth’s natural energy pulse through you…Gently traveling in waves from your back paws…up your hind legs…twisting around the spine of your back…down your front legs…and through your paws. Breathe in, (speaker breathe in with them) and feel the cool air, trickle down your throat, like cold water, filling your lungs, and replenishing the wave of energy through your body.
As the breath is released, listen to my words, they will calmly guide you through the pain your body is experiencing.
Breathe in once more, (breathe in with them) and take this time to mentally prepare yourself to overcome this pain. Let go of the fear you associate with pain and allow yourself to feel, whole, and completely, that which your body is feeling. Release your breath, releasing all worry and anxieties.
As we take our next breathe in, allow your body to embrace the pain, which is bothering you, and accept the pooled energy as means to heal yourself. Now, breathe in. (Breathe with them)

1. As the breath fills your body, feel the pent up sensations of pain in each of the joints of your paws. (Or insert other area) Focus on the left, hind paw, feeling the throb of energy around your joints. Breathe out, and be aware of the energy that washes through your left, hind paw, relieving the pressure…dissipating the swollen area…and melting the pain from your paw as your breath flows out of you.
Breathe in, mindfully aware that your left, hind, paw is healed and cleansed.

2.Breathe in. (Breathe with them). As this breath fills your body, focus your attention on the right, hind paw. Feel the energy within, throb around your joint. Breathe out, and be aware of the energy that washes through your right, hind paw, relieving the pressure…dissipating the tender area…as it melts the pain from your paw, out with your breath, and recycling this energy into the atmosphere which surrounds you.
Breathe in, mindfully aware that your hind paws (or area) are healed and cleansed.
(Repeat step two as many times as needed for each area, slowly saying it. Once finished, say the below paragraph as your ending.)
Now that you have felt and moved the energy that was pooling around your joints, your body feels revived and relaxed. Take a last breath in, and know you are in control of your body, and every sensation it produces. Feel the healing energy surge through you, in delicate waves, guiding all that is not good, away from your body.

A Beautiful Walk

A Beautiful Walk:
Written By: Kayla Wright  http://www.consciouscrossroading.com/
You are about to go on relaxing and much needed walk with your owner. As your owner puts your leash on, calmly breathe in and feel the anticipation for the adventure fill your body. You and your owner step out into the world, and your senses peak. Remember to be calm though. Focus on the air that surrounds you, and sit until your owner is ready to walk. Breathe in the moisture in the air, allow it to land on your wet tongue, and fill your belly. Pay attention to how your paws feel against the earth, and how your tail feels as it wags in the wind.
Your owner is now ready. Stand up, breathe in through your mouth and nose once more, than begin to slowly stretch your paws and move. Be mindful of every step you take. Feel the gravel, the grass and the dirt beneath your paws. With every front paw step, take a breath in and admire the world around you.
Feel the connection of energy between your owner and yourself. As you walk and breathe, lift your head. What do you see? Allow the yellows, blues and violets of the atmosphere to stand out. Feel your body become lighter and lighter with every step you take, as you allow a sense of peace and appreciation fill your limbs.
Walk with poise and control. Breathe in the oxygen that mother earth supplies you. Remember to stay calm and controlled as you observe the wonderful life around you. Know that your owner cares for you, and that you are loved. Enjoy your walk, and the experience it brings.

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