Woman Wrongly Accused Of Having Drugs On Her After Police Dogs At Music Festival Searched Her

A police dog with his handler

There has been a backlash as to the use of police dogs in Australia during music festivals and other events because most of the arrests made did not result in drugs being recovered. One festival goer said she was wrongly accused, was embarrassed, and was treated like a criminal only to show proof that she did not have drugs on her.

– Police dogs at a music festival in Sydney wrongly flagged a woman.
– The woman just had one vodka and coke.
– The woman was banned from the venue for…

A 19-year-old went to the Hidden electronic music and hip hop festival over the weekend but it did not go as planned. According to her Facebook post, she had one vodka and coke before going to the music festival but when she went to the event she was approached by a police officer saying she was detected by a sniffer dog.

She was then strip searched without her consent and was not told of what would happen next. When nothing was found on the lady, another cop chased her on her way out and let her stay for interrogation. She was then banned from the venue of the event for six months.


Read the thorough scoop of Ben Graham at – https://www.news.com.au/

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