Do You Want To Watch A Movie At A Dog Park Or Listen To Live Music While Helping Out Doggos In Need?

A dog sitting at the park

Humane Pennsylvania just announced that they will be hosting a number of live music events and even outdoor movies at the Danielle Ruiz Murphy Center Dog Park. If you want to go, that would be awesome because you will be helping doggos and other animals in need.

– Humane Pennsylvania has a lot of events lined up in the coming weeks.
– There will be live music and movies being screened.
– The proceeds will be used to help…

The CEO of the organization said that the number one goal of the events is to let families have fun safely. Some of the events are Spike’S Sunday Funday Live Music for September 17 and October 18 from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. On October 30, a fun Halloween event for kids will take place as well as a movie night for the flick “Hotel Transylvania” will take place at 6 P.M. On October 31, “Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be shown while on November 6, the Dreamworks all-time favorite “Up” will also be screening.

The money raised from the events will be used to support animals that are under the Humane Society’s care. Also, community programs and initiatives will be benefited.


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