Veterans Will Get Paired With Amazing Service Dogs All Thanks To An Event With Live Music And Fun

A veteran's service dog

The event Victory For Vets have paired amazing service doggos with veterans. During the event, there was live music and the night was full of fun.

Live music, service dogs, and veterans were all present during the fifth annual Victory For Vets.
– It was held in Liverpool, New York.
– The organization has already paired…

The event took place at Liverpool, New York and hundreds of people gathered for the event that was held at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill. This is the fifth year that the dog-friendly event has taken place and the main goal is to raise money so that they could give it to Helping Hounds. Helping Hounds trains doggos in order to assist veterans that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

According to the president of Victory For Vets, they saw significant improvement in the lives of veterans since they got their service doggos. To train a service dog that will ultimately be paired with the veterans, it would cost around $2,000 to $3,000. As of today, Victory For Vets have successfully given 30 service dogs to local veterans.


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