Many Veterinary Clinics Are Now Making Their Reputation A Fear-Free Care Giver For Doggos With The Help Of Calming Music

A dog at a veterinary clinic

Veterinary clinics are now working to change their image and reputation. They want to be a fear-free care giver to these doggos and one of the techniques that they use is playing calming music.

Dogs usually feel stressed when they go to the veterinarian.
– Vet professionals are then using new techniques to calm the dogs.
– One way to calm a dog during its vet visit is through playing calming music.

These veterinary clinics that have joined the Fear-Free Pets program wants to remove the word pet out of petrified. Dr. Marty Becker is the founder of the program and it now offers certification for veterinary professionals who also want to practice these techniques in their own clinics. Becker pointed out that once the dog has a bad experience at the vet, he remembers that, which leads to anxiety and stress.

Veterinarians are then taught different calming techniques such as playing relaxing music, warming the examination table, rewarding the dog with treats, and many more.


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