What’s Wrong With A Veterinarian Pole Dancing With Her Doggo As A Prop???

A dog with its human

A veterinarian’s pole dancing routine with her doggo was not well-accepted by many. They said that the routine was too racy.

A veterinarian completed a pole dancing routine with her dog.
– She was supposed to perform it at a fundraising event.
– She was banned because…

The veterinarian named Rebecca Kennedy combined dog training, theatre, and her pole dancing skills to complete her routine. The vet and her dog dressed up as burglars and had synchronized movements and was supposed to perform at a fundraising gala for Scotland’s dog-training Heelwork to Music. She was no longer allowed to be part of the show and was fined with £300. Last year, the duo competed at the Bearded Collie Heelwork to Music but never got the same reaction they got this time.

The veterinarian received an email saying that she is banned from the upcoming competition because her act was not suitable since most of the audiences are families.


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