Another Vet Clinic Has Turned To Classical Music In Hopes Of Helping Dogs, Other Pets Visiting Them

A happy dog visiting the vet

The Oceanside Animal Hospital located in British Columbia has adopted the use of classical music to help dogs and other pets. This type of music has been used in many researches to prove that it could help dogs and other pets that are anxious.

– Classical music is being used at a vet clinic in Canada.
– This music calms doggos.
– The veterinarians wanted dogs to be as relaxed as…

Oceanside Animal Hospital is the second clinic that has received the “Fear Free” certification. Having such certification means that clinics practice ways and means to handle anxiety in dogs and other pets when visiting thee clinic. One of the vets said that the emotional well-being of dogs and other pets are just as important so they wanted to make sure that the vet visit of these animals are as relaxing as when they go to pet spas.


Classical music is being played in the waiting room and scents are also used to make the animals calm. Many dog and other pet owners said that their pets have never felt so relaxed in other clinics.

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