Ventriloquist Todd Oliver Performed Together With His Talking Doggo At…

A black and white Boston Terrier

A well-known ventriloquist, named Todd Oliver, performed at the Sheldon High School auditorium. Aside from his puppets, he also performed alongside his talking doggo, Irvin.

– A ventriloquist named Todd Oliver performed at Sheldon High School.
– He also had a bit in his performance where he supposedly conversed with his talking doggo, Irving.
– Oliver loves music, dogs, and…

The event was on November 17, Saturday. It was part of the Sheldon Civic Music Association’s 2018-19 concert series. The bit showing Oliver and his doggo supposedly conversing focused on funny canine conversations with the doggo. As for his ventriloquism skills, he brought his famous characters named Pops, Joey, and Miss Lily.

According to Oliver, he grew up around doggos, ventriloquism, and rock and roll music that is why he is incorporating all of them now in his performances.


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