United Kingdom Rapper Talks About The Doggos In The Music Video For One Of His Hit Singles

Siberian Huskies in the snow

One of the hottest United Kingdom rappers in the music scene now is Mist. In a recent interview, he talked about how dogs influenced him when they were making a music video for one of his new singles.

A rapper from the United Kingdom used Siberian Huskies in his music video.
– The rapper said that he felt really connected with the dog.
– One of the dogs even had the rapper’s…

For “Hot Property,” it showed a Siberian Huskey wearing his chain. Mist explained that he was sitting with the doggos and he felt really connected with them. At one point, he was on the sleigh while the doggos climbed on top of him. He revealed that the Siberian Huskey that had his chain on was the father dog. The dad dog reportedly got real close to Mist and the doggo just stayed there. The rapper then decided to put the chain on the dog.

A photo showing the dog wearing his chain also made rounds online.


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