Another TV Show For Pets Is On Its Way To Indian Televisions

A dog and its owner watching something on the television

There are already a lot of shows that are for doggos and other pets but this latest show is actually music-related. Youth GEC MTV in India said that they are set to launch their new dog-friendly show called “MTV Woofer.”

– MTV India came up with a show called “MTV Woofer.”
– Such show will only be for a limited time.
– This is in line with the Diwali festival, which…

There is however a limit as to when “MTV Woofer” will run. Accordingly, the show will only be for November 6 to 10 and it is aired from 12:30 A.M. to 1 A.M. The show, which is a first of its kind in India, was designed in order to help doggos destress while the Diwali festivities are ongoing. During the annual fall-related event, lights and sounds are stressful to doggos and other pets.


The music being played during the “MTV Woofer” show will also be available on MTV India’s Facebook page. The songs being played are by many musicians all over India.

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