Ever Heard of Tustin Tiller Days? It’s Happening This Week And Dachshunds Are Welcome To Join!

Dachshunds playing outdoors

Tustin Tiller Days is an annual event in Tustin, California and it will take place from October 3 to 6 this year. The event encourages dachshund owners to bring their doggos during the festivities.

– Tustin Tiller Days will start this October 3 through Sunday.
– There will be live music.
– Dog owners are encouraged to bring their…

The event will kick off with a carnival preview night on October 3. Basically, thrill seekers can try out some of the 22 rides for just $2 per ride. A parade will also happen on Saturday alongside carnival games, beer and wine booths, eating contests, food vendors, dance exhibitions, live music, and more.

Also on Saturday, a new event will be part of Tustin Tiller Days. The Dachshund/Wiener Dog Race will start at 4 P.M. The race is open for at most 32 doggos. The entry fee is $10. The organizer shared, “The dogs don’t have to be a purebred to qualify. They just need to kind of look like a wiener dog and not weigh more than 20 pounds. It wouldn’t be fair for a wiener dog to compete against a Doberman.”


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