Tucson Musical Canine Freestyle Club Needs Your Help!

Dancing dogs

The Tucson Musical Canine Freestyle Club has been in operation since 2004 and it helps dog owners train their doggos how to perform a two to three-minute dance routines while doing some tricks. They need a practice area because they currently do not have anywhere else to go.

– The Tucson Musical Canine Freestyle Club hopes to find a bigger space where their dogs can practice.
– They have an upcoming competition.
– The club trains doggos to incorporate tricks in dance routines.

The club organizers are thankful for a church that is letting them use their free space for a small price but they need a bigger area. They will need the practice area to work with their doggos for at least three hours in a week especially now that they have an upcoming competition.


The club performs their dance routines with their dogs at retirement homes, foundations, and more. For those who want to see the dogs and their owners in action, they can watch their upcoming performance at a competition but they are not allowed to bring their own dogs. This might cause a distraction to the performing doggos.

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