Looking For Toys For Your Senior Dogs This Christmas? Here Are Some Great Things To Choose From

A senior dog at a dog park

Although senior dogs usually just lay around and do not do much, such doggos still need mental activities so that their brain can still be as sharp as when they were younger. Here are some toys you can get them for Christmas.

– Play time is still important for senior dogs.
– You can, however, choose toys that fit their age.
– One toy is a device that plays music performed by…

Senior dogs can sometimes panic when they are having senior moments. You might want to get Through a Dog’s Ear Music because they can listen to a soothing soundtrack performed by pianist Lisa Spector. First, you have to play the music when your dog is calm then play it again when they are stressed out. This way, your dog can associate the music to being calm when it is played whenever it suffers from senior moments.

Another is a ball that is soft and great indoors. This ball isn’t too bouncy and is perfect indoors so you and your senior dog do not have to go outside just to play catch. It is also made of a colored fabric so your dog can easily spot it. It’s so soft that it won’t damage your senior dog’s teeth.


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