Three-Legged Therapy Dog Is Now The Star Of A Musical!

A dog has an amputated hind leg

A therapy doggo is now a musical star. The dog named Lucky is very special because it only has three legs and has a wonderful job.

– A three-legged service dog in training stopped training.
– The dog will be starring in a musical based on the hit show “Annie.”
– The doggo is said to be the embodiment of…

Accordingly, the dog is still in training but it is taking a break because his talent in acting was needed at the L/A Community Little Theatre. The theatre has produced their own version of the hit show “Annie” and the dog will be playing the doggo start of the musical. The producers said that Lucky lived a hard knock life and it is just but fitting to have him in the play because he is the living example of the play’s message.

Director Paul G. Caron noted that with the dog, the message of the show is that there remains “some hope and perseverance.”


The “Annie” musical from the theater will have its first show on October 18.

See the video of the doggo here –

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