This Restaurant Was Praised By Dog Owners For Being…

A dog with its owners at a restaurant

Not a lot of restaurants are dog-friendly but more and more establishments are becoming more welcoming to the furry friends. Just like this dog-friendly newly re-opened restaurant called The Anglers in England.

– A newly re-opened restaurant in England is being praised.
– This is because they are dog-friendly.
– The organization called…

Just recently, a group of dog owners from their organization called St. Vincent De Paws shared that they had a very delightful experience at The Anglers restaurant because they were served with great food as well as their pups. Members noted that they do not have a lot of establishments that are dog friendly so when they heard about the restaurant, they immediately tried it. One of the members added, “We thought we would be told to sit outside but when we came in we were greeted like royalty! The dogs got their own seats and even got a plate of bacon each.”

The restaurant owners decided to renovate the establishment last year and recently re-opened. Theyt wanted their new and improved services to include live music, big outdoor screens, beer gardens, and dog-friendly areas.


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