‘The Sound of Music’ Actress Self-Proclaims She Is A Dog Person

A Maltipoo

One of the actresses for the national tour of “The Sound of Music,” Jill-Christine Wiley, revealed in a recent interview that she is a dog person. The actress has a four-year-old doggo.

– One of the actresses for “The Sound of Music” shared that she is a dog lover.
– She has a dog of her own.
– The dog is a Maltipoo named…

The self-proclaimed fur mom’s dog is a Maltipoo and she named it as Lillie. When asked about her favorite things, the dog is on the top of her list. Aside from her doggo, she also likes tomato soup, her niece, her nephew, the season of fall, and grilled cheese.

Wiley actually plays the role of Maria, which is the character that Julie Andrews famously played in the movie adaptation. In the past, Wiley already played a character for the same musical but it was not the lead role.


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