The Jonas Brothers Release Music Video For New Single ‘Sucker’ – Guess What Dog Breed Was Featured

A corgi in the garden

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas have reunited with their new single called “Sucker.” The Jonas Brothers even featured a couple of animals in the music video including a certain dog breed.

– The Jonas Brothers are back together as a band.
– They recently released their single “Sucker.”
– A music video was also released and it featured dogs.

The real wives of the brothers were the main characters in the music video and it was set in an “Alice in Wonderland” setting. The set also gave an English vibe and the dog breed associated to the Royals are Corgis. The dogs were shown during the chorus when Danielle, the wife of Kevin, was walking with the dogs around the huge garden while wearing a fluffy pink dress. There were around six dogs being walked by Danielle. Also in the music video were rabbits.


This is the first single from the band after they broke up in 2013. Joe and Nick pursued their own musical careers after the break-up.

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