Tesla’s Dog Mode Will Be Out This Week And It Will Really Save The Lives Of Doggos

A photo of a cute dog inside a car

Reports last year noted that Tesla will be having a “Dog Mode” in its cars in an attempt to save the lives of doggos who could die from hot cars. Initially, there was no information as to when exactly will it be available but reports are saying that it will be rolling out this week.

– Tesla will roll out “Dog Mode” this week.
– Tesla vehicles will receive an update about this.
– This hopes to save the lives of dogs that are left alone inside the…

Accordingly, the Tesla cars will receive the “Dog Mode” update soon. The idea first made noise when someone on Twitter asked Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk to come up with a system that will keep the AC on and the music playing while the dog is left alone inside the car. It is unclear, however, if the “Dog Mode” would really allow the AC running as well as the music playing to prevent dogs from overheating while inside the car.

Aside from “Dog Mode,” “Sentry Mode” will also be out soon. This security feature will allow the blasting of loud classical music to warn the car owners if someone is trying to force the vehicle open.


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