Teenager Has A Great Hobby: Plays Music To Homeless Doggos

A calm dog

Most teenagers would rather stay at home and be on their mobile phones or play games on their computers or TV screens. However, this teenager has a different hobby – playing music to homeless doggos.

– A teenager is part of an orchestra and jazz band.
– The teen decided to play for doggos.
– She goes to shelters and rescue centers whenever she is not…

A 14-year-old girl named Namgamso Xaso is a saxophonist. She said that she wanted to play music to the dogs because she thought “it would keep them calm and they would love the way it sounds.” Since then, the musician goes to animal shelters and plays for the doggos. She noted that she also noticed they needed to be cheered up and playing at least one song for them is already enough. The teen added that knowing she can help animals with her music makes her feel she can change the world.

The teenager is actually a member of the Kronendal Music Academy and she plays for an orchestra and jazz band. Whenever she does not have a band practice or she has no performances, she uses her time to go to the shelters and rescue centers.


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