This Teen Hopes To Be A Musician Or A Rap Artist, But For Now He Works With An Emotional Support Dog To…

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A 19-year-old never felt like his life would never get better. He wanted to be a musician or a rap artist but for now, he is spending time with an emotional support dog.

A 19-year-old did not like dogs before.
– He was homeless but when he came to the Covenant House, his life changed.
– The young man has been working with an emotional support dog and…

The young man named David Williams has been living on the streets but after he entered a shelter for homeless and runaway youth called Covenant House, his life turned around. Williams has been spending a lot of time with a pit bull mix at the shelter’s program called Teacher’s Pet to solve his behavioral problems.


Williams said that he never liked dogs but when he saw the pit bull mix, who is always glad to see him, his view on dogs changed. Since Williams’ progress at the program has been successful, he was also hired as a trainer to make hard-to-adopt shelter dogs adoptable.

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