This Teen Loves Her Dog More Than Music – What She Did For The Doggo Is Incredible

A teen with a dog

A teenager loved her dog so much that she sold her CDs in order to pay for the doggo’s vet bills. The problem, however, is that the company who bought the CDs claimed that they never received the parcel and now they won’t pay her.

A dog owner loved her dog so much.
– The dog owner then sold her CDs.
– The money would be used to pay for the vet bills of the doggo.

According to reports, the teen sold the items via an online selling site called Music Magpie. The site agreed to pay £79.43 for the CDs. Twenty-two days from when the CDs were shipped, Music Magpie still hasn’t paid the teen. The father of the teen then contacted Jessica Gorst-Williams of The Daily Telegraph to ask for help. With Gorst-Williams’ inquiry on the matter, Music Magpie said that the parcel got lost.

In the end, Music Magpie paid the teen even if the parcel never reached the company that bought the CDs.


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