Taylor Swift Announces Her Upcoming Tour Dates While Being Licked In The Face By Her Mom’s Huge Doggo

Taylor Swift's mom's dog licked her on the face

Singer Taylor Swift will be kicking off with her concert tour for her Reputation album in less than two weeks. She recently took to her social media to post a video of her giving updates about the tour dates and the viewers were surprised with an adorable doggo.

Taylor Swift will have a concert tour for her Reputation album.
– She gave updates and in one video, she was interrupted by her mom’s dog.
– The dog’s name is Kitty but is actually a really huge…

The dog that belongs to Swift’s mom, who is called Kitty but is in actuality a really huge dog breed, started kissing and licking Swift’s face. Swift told the dog it’s not a chew toy, it’s her face that the dog was busy licking and kissing. The singer revealed that the Reputation tour would compose of three stages so that she could see her fans up close.


The concert of Swift will start this May 8 in Arizona. It will end by November in Australia.

Read the adorable scoop by Melody Chiu here – http://people.com/music/

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