Who Takes Care Of The BTS Members’ Doggos?

A Pomeranian

Some of the members of the Korean boy band BTS have doggos. Many fans are asking who takes care of these doggos whenever the members are on tour or on gigs?

– Some of the BTS members have doggos.
– The most famous dogs in the group are named Rampon and Yeontan.
– The families of RM and V are the ones taking care of…

Rapmon is owned by BTS member RM. The dog is an American Eskimo and according to reports, the animal lives with Rampon’s family whenever he is away. As for member V, he has a Pomeranian named Yeontan. When V’s schedule is packed, his family also takes care of Yeontan and the doggo gets to play with two other family doggos and a cat.

Suga’s family also has a doggo. He does not own the pet but he posts about it sometimes whenever he hangs out with his family. The dog is a toy poodle named Holly.


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