Charity In This City Comes Up With Music-Related Event To Raise Funds For Doggos They Are Helping


WoofwoofStock 2018 will be taking place in many areas all over Sheffield, a city in England. The first WoofwoofStock event will be on August 30 and it will run through September 30.

WoofwoofStock 2018 will launch in Sheffield this August 30.
– It will be a month-long doggie-friendly event.
– The main goal of the event is to raise funds for…

The dog-related music event was thought of by Support Dogs, a local charity. They aim to raise funds in order to help doggos that are under their care in order to train them and give them to people who most need it. The dogs they train become disability support dogs, autism dogs, and seizure alert dogs.


Also, they came up with WoofwoofStock 2018 in order to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. The first event will be at Greystones Pub wherein doggos and their owners can join and enjoy the food, music, games, and a dog show.

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