Student Caught Smuggling Ecstasy In Music Festival After Being Detected By Sniffer Dog

A police dog with his handler

A 19-year-old college student named Lily Bond was caught at a music festival smuggling some Ecstasy. The music festival was identified as Parklife music festival back in 2019. A sniffer dog was responsible in catching the student who had 50 pills inside a Kinder Egg container.

– A 19-year-old student was caught with drugs at a music festival last year.
– A sniffer dog indicated she had drugs on her.
– She was sentenced to…

The student was caught when she was on a line to get inside the music festival. A member of the security team talked to her and told her a sniffer dog indicated she had drugs on her. When asked if she did have drugs on her, she immediately produced them.

Accordingly, she was supposed to face 16 years behind bars but the judge decided she will get 12 months behind bars because the judge believes Bond is a good person and was just naive. Bond did not have any police record in the past and wanted to be a social worker.


The judge continued to say that Bond will not be jailed immediately because it is suspended for 15 months. However, the judge pointed out that drugs is not something to be taken lightly because just over the weekend, four teenagers in the area died because of it. Also, she was given such a sentence because she was not trying to sell them to anyone at the festival and only intended to use it with 22 of her friends.

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