A Total Package: If You Want To Have Fun, There Will Be Stunt Dogs And A Country Singer At…

A dog doing a stunt

This August, the Steele County Free Fair will be taking place. The two new attractions that the fair-goers will lover are stunt dogs and a country singer.

– The Steele County Free Fair will be at Owatonna, Minnesota this August.
– Stunt dogs will be performing.
– A country music singer will also be performing.

The stunt dogs are actually from the group All-Star Stunt Dogs, who have performed on Animal Planet, the National Geographic, and The Tonight Show. During the fair, the stunt doggos will be performing thrice a day. All the doggos have been adopted from shelters and were trained to do flying and other performance stunts. The All-Star Stunt Dogs also spread the message about adoption during their performances.


As for the country music singer, Chris Hawkey will be performing at the grandstand. The country music singer has been making music since 2010.

During the Steele County Free Fair, there will be games, family fun, food, vendors, and a whole lot more!

Read Roy Koenig’s detailed article here – http://krforadio.com/stunt-dogs-country-singer-coming-to-steele-county-fair/


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