Wish Granted! Singer Stacey Solomon’s Son Stole Doggo’s Bed, They Buy Him His Own…

A baby being kissed by a dog

Singer Stacey Solomon and actor Joe Swash have a son together named Rex. In a recent post of Solomon, she shared that their son stole their dog’s bed and slept on it while the doggo tried to squeeze itself in. They then revealed that they bought Rex a dog bed of his own.

– Singer Stacey Solomon has a son with actor Joe Swash.
– Recently, Rex stole their dog’s bed.
– Swash then got Rex his own dog bed and…

In another photo shared by Solomon, she noted that Rex and their dog, Theo, had their dog beds alongside each other and were watching “Finding Nemo.” She added, “…it’s safe to say he absolutely loves it.”

Solomon has been sharing a lot of photos and videos of her son days after she got back because she had to take a break from social media. More on her son Rex, she recently thought that her son could already make a car out of his toy bricks. It turns out that Swash was responsible for making the toy car and Solomon laughed about it because she really thought her son Rex was a child genius.


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