Before Spotify Released A Playlist For Dogs, They Made A Research And Found Out That This Singer…

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The streaming service Spotify recently released a playlist for doggos. Before they released it, they conducted a survey and found out that Reggae singer Bob Marley is actually one of the top inspirations when humans name their doggos.

– Spotify just released a playlist for dogs and other pets.
– Before that, they conducted a survey.
– Twenty percent of their sample population said that they name their dogs after…

Five thousand pet owners were surveyed by Spotify and 20 percent of that number said that they named their dogs after musicians. The top musicians named are Bowie, Bob Marley, Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Ozzie. Incidentally, reggae is actually one of the types of music genres that make dogs calm and less anxious.

Aside from the above-mentioned finding, the survey also found that 53 percent of the sample population believe that their dogs enjoy the same music as they do and that 80 percent think animals in general like music. Seventy-one percent said they play music for their dogs and other pets while 69 percent said they even sing to their dogs and other pets.


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