Spotify Just Launched A Playlist For Doggos And You Should Let Your Fur Baby Listen To It

Dog listening to music

Music really calms doggos down and to make life easier for dog owners, Spotify just released a playlist especially for our furry friends. Spotify is a music streaming service and is widely used in the world.

– Spotify just launched a playlist for dogs.
– They also launched a podcast called “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast.”
– Spotify conducted a research and found out that…

Aside from the playlist, a new podcast was launched by Spotify and it is called “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast.” Here, doggos will be able to listen to the show while dog owners leave their fur babies at home. Each show is five hours long so you don’t have to worry about your doggo being left alone.

For the playlists, there are around 30 tracks that are based on the supposed music genre that calms doggos.


Before Spotify delved into catering to this particular audience, they conducted a research and came up with the results that 74 percent of pet owners play music for their pets for them to calm down while 80 percent believe that animals enjoy listening to music. Of the sample population, 53 percent leaves their doggos at home alone between one and five hours a day.

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