Looking For Spiritual Retreat For Your Dogs? You And Your Stressed Dog Might Just Have Hit The Jackpot

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A lot of dogs and dog owners are stressed out due to a lot of factors and if you are one of such pair, maybe you should consider going to a spiritual retreat. DEN Urban Dog Retreat is located in Los Angeles, California and there are a lot of wonderful things you and your dog could do together while enjoying the stress-free program.

– Dogs and dog owners should visit Cypress Park.
– It is where the new program of Den Urban Dog Retreat takes place.
– Dogs could enjoy a 45-minute reiki session and…

The grooming provider has a spa called Cypress Park and it’s equipped with a crystal-filled healing room. They have a reiki session where reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing. They believe that through this process, emotional or physical healing is to be transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the patient.

The reiki session is for 45 minutes and it costs $75. If you want to join your dog, there is an hour-long healing session at $150. During the sessions, relaxing music is played in the background to help you and your dog feel much more tranquil.


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