Special Times And Places




“The WooFPAK Goes To The Track”

Riding the track the WooFPAK does a bunch of laps and circles the fields to the back where they water and chill between laps!! Usually in a quick while, After they dial, about 5 miles of drooling smiles, and even rile some of the tracks sand piles, in their WooFPAK style they usually call it a wrap and put it in their file!!

The cows and horses are their pals, and all glance and stare as if to say wow not like a cats meow and not like a dogs howl but more of a whooo sound! There is a mini donkey that tries to find his dog like stride and rides along as they stroll on by showing the pups some WooFPAK pride!!

This Horse track is the place they can still have a taste of mushing ways all year long with the bike motor pulling along to allow them to run without the haul just for running & funning and oh are they loving this place!! We all give thanks for this space and sometimes we even have a little race!!


That’s right they run behind and try to keep in stride with the horses on the track at the same time!! Oh yeah sharing the lane is the pups game trying to catch the reins as some of these cuties including some Belgium Beauties train and run for fun and love as the WooFDriver Pit Crew sometimes films this all from above!!

This place is tops, filled with lots of fun and spots to run, but can get hot under the sun!! So not to come undone they stop to cool and drop some drool at watering spots and natural pools that’s how they refuel!!

The WooFPAK usually trots this spot with the hot rod track quad built to handle the track sand and farm land that spans this dog & horse wonderland!! This is always WooFDriver’s Plan to give his dogs everything he can with balance and Zen to make their lives sparkly bright like a fine gem. so he finds ways to send their energy to bed and than they can do it again, so the fun never ends that’s how they spend and tend their time so their mind & body jive and mend because they so depend on an exercise trend, and The WooFDriver so loves them!!


“WooFDriver Take Us To The Trails”

I hitched a ride on a rolling dog rig
Not knowing where it was heading
But knew about the gig
Through rails of trails, scenes of earlier days
When the railroad travel rolled all through here that way
WooFDriver, driver, driver
Take us to the trails
WooFDriver, driver, driver
Ride along these rails
Caboose lights flashed by
As they rolled this way
And as these rails would give
For trail riders today
And now the dogs run here
WooFDriver ways
And the fire on their paws
Flies the sled on cold days
Dreams keep seeding
All of their love is part of their plan to roll
We can help them go
And one day be WooFDrivers
WooFDriver, Driver, Driver
Show us how to drive
WooFDriver, Driver, Driver
Takes us to the ride
Dreams keep seeding
All of their love is part of their plan to roll
We can help them go
And one day be WooFDrivers

“Take Us To The Trails 2.0”

“WooFDriver Tour 2013″

WooFDriver on Tour 2013 is another year to ride and drive and let the dogs fly!! We hope you can climb aboard as we head toward more of the great outdoors and enjoy the lure of the dogs excitement as it soars!!

This year’s focus is with the motive to run the entire line of The C&O Wire to wire and keep the dogs fire rolling higher and higher!! So strap yourself in and get ready to spin with this WooFDriver gig!!

Some parts of these tours will roar through the heart of Washington DC as we get to see the sights and holiday lights on a late night dog driven flight!! As the Washington Monument and Lincoln memorial sit on what they call the mall it is a 4 mile haul to loop this route and perfect for the WooFDriver group!!

Keeping up with the times we have started to webcast live some of our touring rides so we had to find some more guys to make this jive!! WooFDriver welcomes Guy and Steven to keep his life dreaming and theming of dogs and all their meaning as he runs them teaming with the pit crew and keeping the tour fresh and new by constantly mixing the stew!!

Have no fear because this year we have also added some new gear including the hot rod track quad that will get your nod because it is so wild with the ultimate bod!! WooFDriver rides solo on this one because it’s all about the dogs pulling fun!!

Another ride for this touring season time to be added to the WooFDrivers line is of the beach running kind!! Built with sand in mind to run the shorelines we can find all along the mid Atlantic side!! Mushing in the sand is new to our plan but could be the ultimate cruise you may even hear about in the news!!

The 2013 Tour is going to be a wild ride that is definitely of the pioneering kind. So let’s all savor these flavors and let the labor of our love insure all the dogs have nothing but fun!!

“At The WooFPark”

WooFPark is the WooFDriver dog playground exclusively designed for the hounds!!

In WooFPark there is all kinds of doggie stuff that makes them ruff ruff as they huff huff!!

The hay box is where they lay, roll, tunnel, fumble and tumble over each other as they stumble in and out between bouts!!

The sandbox is the digging spot that they dig with all their mite like a heavyweight fight looking for the bright light with their sight as their height sinks in the sand looking for any buried treasures is their plan!!

The picnic table is their lounging space that they can chill after they race, chase, and get off each others case!! You can see on their face they love this place!!

The blue cave is the rave. A hiding place to stay or sprint thru to get out of view of the other pups to fake’em out on a chasing route!!

There is the tub of balls that they just love to rub a dub with their all!! The pups step in and instantly grin from the spongy feel on the heels of their paws as they drop their jaws to grab a ball!! They quest to grab it and stow as the other pups try to nab it and go!! Silly pup stuff that again makes’em ruff ruff!!

For a little up and down there is a see saw on the grounds. But the big hounds don’t get down in that town!! It takes Lulu the small hound to show them how to ride in that cloud!!

Sometimes it’s cool for a little pinball dual!! There is a ring that holds their ball as they ding it, wing it and maybe even fling it!! The ball is contained so the game can play on as long as they want to stay on!!

There are bean bags that were intended as doggie beds but they would rather wrestle on instead!! It’s a dogs life that makes it so right!!

There is even fire hydrants to inspire them to mark their park with all the bark in their heart!!

Also on the grounds is the hound round like a Ferris wheel but made for the pups feel!! They can take a spin and have a grin this

WooFPark is a doggie only playground that the dogs can roll in rounds and rounds of play almost every day with so many ways to make’em phase!! This is another WooFDriver place to put on a smiley face!!

“Rail Trails To Fun”

Running easy, running free
Let them kick it on a mushing ride
They ask nothing, let them run

Running canines is my ride
Don’t care season, just need time

Ain’t nothing they would rather do
Going round all the time

All hounds yeah wanna be there too
We’re on the rail trails to fun
All dog kinds, wanna live it
So get the pups to kick it around
On the wheels, they can spin it
All doggies gonna love this sound
Hey hounds, play these tunes
Rocking with the WooFPlay Band

Hey WooFDriver, look at them
There on their way with FurWheeling plans!!
We’re on the rail trails to fun
Watch us run
And we’re rolling round, all over town!!
We’re on the rail trails to fun

“WooFDriver On Tour”

We wake up in the morning from a night of hard rested snoring, with all of our passion roaring!! We are so excited, we are headed out to a new route to run all about.

WoofDriver has a travel plan that takes us to a new land. From the sand of the Maryland Eastern Shore to the parks and trails of the Mid-Atlantic corridor!!

We are riding a new scene now, in all of our dog dreams, wow!! With our keen sense of running this WooFDriver tour is stunning!! We love the new sights sounds and new friendly hounds that we are meeting and greeting as we are leading our team along and fulfilling our needs and exciting our dreams all day long!!

This WooFDriver Tour is another spin on all of his dog gigs!! Another way to stimulate our day and feed our passion in a fashion that is filled with pure action!! We wag our tails all along the trails as we run this tour but we still always want more!!

As we travel the road home it’s now WooFDriver’s show, time for him to navigate the load. He likes driving the Jumbo Jet which is our Dog Bus set up you bet!!  We can chill now with the thrill now still fresh in our mind of our touring time of this incredible ride that WooFDriver can provide!!

“WooFDriver On The Farm”

This is the story of the farms we run and all of their loaded fun!! These farms neighbor us throughout Maryland and we savor all their local flavor. From the tremendous fields of corn to the horses, cows, and even boars!! We run’em, fun’em and downright love’em!!

The first space we started this farm phase is where we do the Mazing Chase!! This is Mr. Wolf’s place where the main attraction and part of this rapture, is a 4 acre pasture, originally designed for a horse, this is now our Mazing Chase course!! There is also a grassy half mile track which we lap before we wrap up our day at Mr. Wolf”s place!!

The next farm land adventure is a wild ride on the hill side!! It’s what we call the mill and believe me the WooFPAK always gets a thrill!! It is over 100 acres of peaks and valleys with a stream meandering all around it!! We do our Extreme Free Ranging all over the mill until we get our fill this is our will!!

Our next Farm stop is another place we romp!! We call it the Big Farm and it is a charm over 400 acres that makes for some long runs and endless fun!! We get to say hi to the cows as we stroll abound and look around for any other farm friends that may be found!! We usually finish this trip with a dip and a sip in the pond. This is beyond our wildest dreams and so fills our needs.

This is WooFDriver Farm Fun that the WooFPAK just love!! We hit these farms all year long to keep us strong!! Hope you enjoyed our tails of these farm trails!!

“A Wet MoonLight Journey”

It was a chilly rainy night as WooFDriver set out to take flight. His adventurous side was calling on him for this incredible ride!! Choosing to drive this weather without wind or forecast danger, he felt safe To venture out in search of a route of not a destination but a journey of appreciation and cooperation forged together, reaching new heights that will last forever!!

He harnessed the WooFPAK up which included Czar, Hudson, and the Princess pup!! The clouds melted in to the darkness of night as this dog driven ride took flight with not another soul in sight!!

This was about enjoying the solitude of this adventurous mood. Finding Comfort with the dogs and depending on each other for the haul.

A controlled sense of survival which had him looking forward to his arrival!! He was absorbing the wisdom of this outing even as the wet kept mounting.

As the trail traveled on and the further distance he had gone, his senses were keen and the steady rain sounded like a dream!! How fitting this seemed a tail of a designed tougher time but refined enough To constantly remind him of the passion that he never rations just finds a way to explore it everyday!!

This experience has eternal presence in WooFDriver’s mind that always let’s him reflect back on that incredible time!! Where some are discouraged to engage a challenge, WooFDriver is encouraged, In his quest for balance!! He has sought lessons that are taught through nature but avoiding danger just calculated measures that can help define his life’s treasures!!

“The Shenandoah”

The Shenandoah is the valley and river that we visit often to soften our lives and see the beauty of the countryside.

It has deep roots in American Indian history which so adds to it’s mystery!! A storybook setting where we can take the dogs jetting!!

In the summer months it can get rather hot but the river provides a nice chill spot. Of course the dogs runs slow to a trot but we all just love the scenery and the greenery!! This is heaven on earth as it was meant to be!!

In the Autumn the leaves put on a show with all their glow. If you have caught’em in the past your memory’s will last of bright colors and endless wonders. From a ride on Skyline Drive to the caverns and caves that really remind us of the older days!!

Our dogs feel right at home as we roam the nearby stone of The Blue Ridge Mountains and see the Fountains and waterfalls. This place really has it all!!

Sometimes at night when the sky is right, The stars and moon are so bright you feel like you are in flight through the galaxy, there is so much to see!! This is The Shenandoah which means daughter of the stars, its not Noah on his arch but WooFDriver has this place in his heart!!

This Is The Shenandoah!! I wrote this song and compiled the video. The WooFTunes Band recorded it. I hope you enjoy, I love the Shenandoah as you will probably be able to tell!!

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