Special Diwali Music Show For Dogs, Other Pets Will Air On…

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A special Diwali music show for dogs and other pets will air on November 10. The show is called “MTV Woofer” and it was launched in order to make the upcoming Diwali more comfortable and less stressful for dogs and other pets.

– The upcoming Diwali festivities in India will be stressful for dogs and other pets.
– There will be fireworks and noisy events.
– That is why “MTV Woofer” will be airing on that day in order to…

The musicians who will be shown on the show are Siddharth Basrur, Sidd Coutto, and Winit Tikoo. They created some music for the doggos and other pets to feel relaxed.


According to the marketing head of Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Diwali is enjoyed by most members of the family but not by the dogs and other pets. The marketing head added, “Our pets are hugely affected by noisy firecrackers and it is our responsibility to protect them from any sort of discomfort.”

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