This SPCA Helped Doggos Be Calm During Fourth Of July Festivities

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Allen County helped dogs and other animals be calm during the Fourth of July festivities. The volunteers called the event “Calming Companion Fifth of July event.”

– Volunteers at the Allen County SPCA helped dogs and cats be calm during the Fourth of July festivities.
– Fireworks and loud noises continued through the weekend.
– The event was called “Calming Companion Fifth of July event.”

Since the loud noises continued through July 5 and the weekend, the Allen County SPCA volunteers decided to come in and bought toys and treats for the dogs and cats under the shelter’s care. The volunteers played with the animals at night “to keep their minds off of the fireworks outside.” Some of the volunteers also brought books with them to read to the dogs and the cats. Others brought instruments so they could play some music for the animals at the shelter.

They hope that the event will be opened up to the public in the future whenever the need arises.


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