A Number Of Sled Dogs Were Abandoned, Now They Are…

Siberian Huskies in the snow

In a property in Paradise Valley, a number of sled doggos were abandoned. They were then rescued and now they are under the care of an organization.

– Many sled dogs were abandoned at a property.
– The doggos were then taken to Stafford Animal Shelter.
– They are now recovering and are listening to music to…

The sled dogs are with the Stafford Animal Shelter and are currently recovering. Before they got to the shelter, they were in very poor condition. They were chained inside small barrels but that did not do much to protect them from the elements. One of the sled dogs was already dead when rescuers arrived while another was determined to be in such a poor condition that it could no longer be saved so the veterinarian decided to euthanize it. A total of 15 doggos survived and they are mostly Alaskan Huskies.

Executive Director Steven Leach said that the dogs are now getting the care that they deserve. They are listening to some calming music to help them be less stressed out.


The organization is now asking for donations because the care costs for these animals will reach tens of thousands.

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