Sir Elton John Will Read A Book About Doggos With An Audience Of Preschoolers

A story about dog detectives

Singer Sir Elton John will be reading a book about dogs and the audience will be preschoolers. He is one of the many big stars that have signed up for the event.

– Sir Elton John will read a story about doggos.
– He will read the story through CBeebies.
– The story of the dogs is about a group of doggos being called to…

The 71-year-old artist will be reading the story of “The Dog Detectives: Lost In London.” This was confirmed by the Twitter account of CBeebies, a network under BBC that caters to children six years old and below. In the past, Chris Evans, Damian Lewis, Dolly Parton, Tim Peake, Tom Hardy, and Suranne Jones have also read stories to preschoolers through the CBeebies event.


In a statement by Sir Elton John, he hopes many families will enjoy the story about the doggo detectives. The story is about these dog detectives who were called to solve a new case. The story-telling will air on May 3.

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