Did Sir Elton John’s Doggo Cause Serious Injuries To A Child???

A spaniel dog

According to one newspaper called “The Sun,” the dog of singer Sir Elton John has inflicted serious injuries to a child. The injuries were described as “Freddy-Krueger-like.”

The dog of Sir Elton John bit a girl last year.
– However, a newspaper writer claimed that the girl’s injuries from the dog attack were serious.
– It was recently held that the article was…

In a statement issued by Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, the reports are false and that they have faced a huge amount of damage to their reputation after the news blew up. They also noted that the story about their doggo attacking a child was “seriously defamatory.” The dog of Sir Elton John is a spaniel and it allegedly but a five-year-old girl back in February of 2016. Per the newspaper story, Sir Elton John and his partner did not attempt to find out the condition of the girl allegedly attacked by their doggo despite being aware of what happened.

Per another statement of a source close to the dog owners, the injuries were not serious and that Sir Elton John and his partner made several inquiries about the girl’s condition. Sir Elton John is currently on his final tour.


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