This ‘Singing Dog Walker’ Hopes To Fight The Stigma Surrounding Autism

A boy walking his dog on the street

An 18-year-old named Garrett Blocker has been walking his dog while singing. Whatever the weather is, he will be found outside his home trying to fight the stigma surrounding autism with his doggo and his music.

– A teenager named Garrett Blocker is known as the “Singing Dog Walker.”
– He walks around town with his dog with a guitar in his hands.
– The teen has autism and he has found comfort in singing songs while out walking his doggo.

The teen is always accompanied by his doggo, a large black Labrador retriever. For the past six years, the teen has been going around town with his doggo and his guitar in tow because he feels like it is a form of therapy. The teen usually sings the songs of Panic At the Disco, Green Day, U2 and more. He said that he suffers from anxiety when placed in social situations but whenever he goes out for a walk with his dog while singing some songs, he said that he feels no fear.


Singing while walking his dog also helps him with his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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