This Singing Dog On America’s Got Talent Might Have Won Simon Cowell’s Heart


Simon Cowell is known as one of the harshest critics in different contests that are shown on TV. However, his heart softened a little bit once again when he saw a doggo walk up on stage with his owner for the final round of auditions on “America’s Got Talent.”

A dog auditioned for “AGT.”
– Simon Cowell was smitten from the beginning.
– The dog owner played…

The three-year-old dog named Oscar charmed Cowell off of his seat the first moment he walked in. The dog owner said that her doggo can sing when she plays the piano. She further boasted that her doggo can do a vibrato. Cowell said that he has done the show for a long time and he always kept telling the staff that if they can find a dog that could sing, it would be everything to him.

The dog owner then played “Pachelbel’s Canon” and indeed, the doggo started howling and was singing the same tune.


Watch the video of the amazing audition below:

Read the adorable scoop by Bill Keveney here –

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