Singer Gets Arrested For Taking Home Bear Cub – Claims She Thought It Was A Dog

A dog that looks like a bear

A singer form Malaysia was recently arrested because she brought home a sun bear cub. The singer claims that she thought it was a doggo.

– A musician took a bear home.
– She claims she thought it was a dog.
– The singer could face…

According to reports, sun bears are vulnerable species in Southeast Asia. Thus, the act of singer Zarith Sofia Yasin led to her being arrested by the local Department of Wildlife and National parks. The singer said in a statement that she found the bear she thought was a dog in a very weak state. She then took the bear home to her apartment and said that she was going to take it to a local zoo once the bear regained its strength.


Yasin added that she just wanted to save it and had no intention of exploiting it. A video was posted by neighbors on Facebook recently and it could be seen that the bear was peering out of the apartment’s window. The bear’s cries could also be heard.

The singer was charged with harboring a protected and endanger species. The singer could pay a fine of $70,000 AUD and 10 years behind bars if proven to be guilty.

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