Singer Reflects With His New Puppy Named Storm

A brown pup

A singer from Atlanta named Kenny Mason just released his song “Storm.” The cover art for the song his the singer with his doggo who has the same name as the title of the song.

– A singer from Atlanta has a doggo named Storm.
– The singer recently released a new song of the same name of his dog.
– The song centers on…

In the cover art, Mason could be seen playing with a gentle tug of war with his dog while using a chew toy. The dog is just a tiny brown pup.

More on the song, it also has references to being a doggo. The song centers on the process of finding your way in this world. It is unclear when the music video for “Storm” will be released and if the doggo will be featured in it.


Aside from Storm, Mason also has another dog named Jetta, who appeared in his “Hit” music video.

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