Singer Paris Hilton Allegedly Had A Dog House Built For Her Doggos And It’s Very Expensive!

Two dogs on a leash

Heiress Paris Hilton, who also is a singer, a model, an actress, and a DJ, is rumored to have spent a lot for her doggos. Accordingly, the most money that she spent for her dogs was for a dog house.

– Paris Hilton had a dog mansion made for her doggos.
– It is featured on the Instagram account of her pets.
– The dog mansion is said to have cost…

Reports claim that Hilton wanted a dog mansion for her doggos. She reportedly spent $320,000 for the dog mansion to be built. It was said to be modeled after her home and it has two floors, it has heating and air conditioning, a balcony, crown molding, a closet for the clothes of her dogs, a staircase, and even a chandelier. The home is all pink with black accents.

Hilton has five doggos and two cats. Her pets have their own Instagram account with the handle @hiltonpets. The dog mansion is featured on the said Instagram page.


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