Singer Miley Cyrus Shares Photo Of Husband Liam Cuddling With One Of Their Doggos

A photo of a Golden Retriever pup

“Malibu” singer Miley Cyrus is known to be a dog lover as well as her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth. Weeks after she shared photos of her and one of her dogs on her wedding day, she is featuring their pets again in another photo showing her husband cuddling with one of them.

– Singer Miley Cyrus talked posted a photo of her husband Liam Hemsworth.
– Hemsworth was cuddling with one of their dogs in the photo.
– Hemsworth allegedly wanted to be called Hem-dawg.

Cyrus posted it on social media and embedded in the photo are the words, “@liamhemsworth AKA Hem-dawg…he made me post this with these specific captions.” In the snap, Hemsworth was wearing a neon green hoodie and was looking serious while staring into the camera. He was hugging one of their dogs while seated somewhere.

Also recently, Cyrus talked about Hemsworth and how much he loves their pets. During one of the wildfires in Malibu, Hemsworth saved all their pets. She shared that he put all the animals in his truck such as their two pigs, their cats, and their doggos.


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