Singer Mary Chapin Carpenter Releases Online Music Series , Doggo Goes In And Out Of Frame

A doggo chewing on a bone

Singer and songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter just released an online music series, which she calls “Songs From Home.” The singer is at home in Virginia and her doggo also decided to join the video while the owner serenades the viewers.

– Singer and songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter released an online music series.
– Her dog also made an appearance during the first episode.
– The doggo walks in and out of the frame and…

The dog’s name is Angus and he adorably walks in and out of the frame. At one point, Angus the dog could even be heard chomping down on a bone. The dog owner said that the dog would clearly not be hired as anyone’s percussionist because his chomping does not keep time with Carpenter’s song.


The first episode showed Carpenter singing in her kitchen. The song is called “Edinburgh” and Carpenter said that she wrote it a few years ago and it is about one of her favorite places.

Carpenter was supposed to have a tour but they have been postponed.

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