Singer Luke Bryan Pranks His Doggo By Feeding It…

A chocolate-colored Labrador

Country music singer Luke Bryan has a doggo named Choc. In one of his latest Instagram posts, the singer shared a video of him pranking the doggo.

– Country music singer Luke Bryan has a doggo.
– The dog likes to beg for food whenever Bryan eats.
– The singer then decided to prank the dog by feeding it…

The doggo, a Chocolate Labrador, was seen in the video waiting for some food to be given to him. Bryan shared that his doggo has been constantly begging for food whenever he was eating so he decided to prank Choc. It was visible from the video that Bryan was trying to make a homemade sandwich and instead of giving Choco a piece of the meat from his sandwich, he gave the doggo a huge tomato.

Initially, Choc thought it was some yummy food because he caught the tomato in his mouth. Later, after realizing it wasn’t meat, the dog spit out the tomato. Bryan and his wife were then hear laughing at the incident.


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