Singer And ‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Just Adopted An 18-Year-Old Doggo

A Siberian Husky

Country music singer Luke Bryan, who is also a judge for “American Idol,” adopted a dog together with his wife. This dog is actually a senior dog and is 18 years old.

– Country music singer Luke Bryan and his wife adopted a dog.
– The dog is already 18 years old.
– The dog was supposed to be placed in a foster home forever but…

The dog is from the Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee. Accordingly, the family saw the photo of the doggo named Poochie on social media and decided to give her a loving home. The center posted about the adoption on their Facebook page. The dog was initially taken care of well by its former owner but had to be surrendered. The dog was later taken care of by a foster mom but the Bryans stepped in and gave the doggo a permanent home. The center even joked that maybe Poochie will inspire Bryan to write a new song.

The center was already planning to put the dog in a foster home where she will be taken care of but the Bryans came to adopt the dog, which was not refused by the center because they are a great family and the dog would be in really good hands.


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